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Getting the right equipment:

Your first step in starting a t-shirt business is to get the right equipment for the right price, your price!

We understand that startup cost can be a heavy burden to bare even before your first sale. You need good equipment to produce your designs but good equipment can be very expensive.

We would like to help you in our own small way by letting you create a custom package, show you what the list price actually is and then let you offer a bid on it. SERIOUSLY!

All the equipment is brand new from well known manufacturers with solid warrantees backed by our knowledgeable support and years of experience.

Before picking out your equipment we would like to invite you to read the information provided on our web site TransferBusiness.com. There is a wealth of information on every page. We explain the t-shirt and garment decorating business from start to finish. We have complete details about every aspect of the business and the equipment you will need to do the job right!

If you're Ready to Start...

If you're ready to get started creating a custom package to bid on just click the start button below. If you have any questions just call us at (800) 908-9916, we would be glad to help.

*Please read our company policies by clicking the link at the bottom before you purchase you're items.

Get started creating a custom t-shirt package